#WorldEmojiDay: Here Are A Few Emojis That Were Ranked ‘Most Popular’ In The Last Quarter On Facebook

World Emoji Day (Source: Facebook)

Ever wondered how dull social media would be without emojis? In the digital world today, emojis have become a quick, funny and simple way of summing up our mood, feelings, or thoughts when replying to people or posting online on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Little did we know that these fun icons we love using would become such an important part of our daily life. Moreover, we are absolutely sure that millennials and Gen-Z’s lives are almost impossible to imagine without super cool and quirky emojis. Since it’s ‘World Emoji Day’, we decided to share some stats that Facebook shared about the most popular emojis among the masses in the last quarter. So, check them out and see if you used any of these emojis!

Check them out here:

Well, the truth is that emojis add colour and vibrancy to our chats, at the same time they also speak more than words. Every month, billions of people across the globe use Facebook and Messenger to connect with their family, friends and communities and while they do so, using emojis to express their moods, thought and feelings are quite common.

1. Here are the top three most used emojis in India by age group:

Top three emojis according to age group (Source: Facebook)

According to Facebook in the last quarter, when it comes to the Gen-Z age group the most populated emojis are heart, laughing and prayer/thanks emoji. Moving on to the Millennials the thanks/prayer, heart and birthday cake make it to the top three. Lastly, the Gen X Boomers were observed using the prayer/thanks, heart, and flower emoji the most. Isn’t this super exciting, did you use any of these emojis under your age category?

2. Growth of emojis related to COVID-19:

COVID-19 emoji (Source: Facebook)

As the number of cases skyrocketed, so did our anxiety related to the pandemic. During these uncertain times, Facebook and Messenger observed in the last 3 months that the above three emojis were used the most when someone spoke about COVID-19. The face with a mask is an emoji that is like a reminder to the mass to mask up. Well, what a coincidence that the microbe emoji looks just like the COVID-19 virus. The last one is of utmost importance, we hope that everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated has already got their doses. Also, stay home and stay safe as the virus is still out and wild.

3. Top five most popular food and drinks emojis in India:

Top food and drinks emoji (Source: Facebook)

All of us have a sweet tooth, but not necessarily the same kind, amirite? All dessert fans have taste buds of their own. But don’t worry, here are the top five most popular and catchy emojis that will help you with your different cravings. In the last quarter on Facebook and Messenger, the above emojis did extremely well and were shared the most amongst the masses. Well, these emojis defo make us drool and crave yummy desserts, don’t they?

4. Soundmojis:

Soundmojis (Source: Facebook)

On the occasion of #WorldEmojiDay, the messenger is levelling up its emoji game by launching, ‘Soundmojis‘. A new emoji feature that will enable users to send short sound clips in the messenger chat, doesn’t this sound super cool? Well, now for every drumroll, clapping emoji you can actually share sound clips that add to your celebration and excitement. All you need to do is choose from a library of options that range from sound effects to popular song audios and clips. The best part about this new feature is that it excites and provides surprising delights to the receiver.

Emojis are forever evolving as a tool for communication and their meanings are still fluid. They’re surprisingly personal too, even though it is hard for us to pick our fave emoji from the extensive list, we love to express our mood, thoughts, and feelings with emojis, on this note wishing you all a very happy ‘World Emoji Day‘. Don’t forget to keep that smiley on your face as explore the world of emojis. Also, tell us about your favourite emoji in the comments below.

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