Thailand Post expects delays

The country's biggest postal service provider handles an average of 8 million parcels each day.
The country’s biggest postal service provider handles an average of 8 million parcels each day.

Thailand Post says its postal services could be delayed in some areas due to the pandemic as some of its staff are infected with Covid-19, forcing post offices to shut temporarily.

The country’s biggest postal service provider vowed not to hide information about its infected staff and pledged to step up efforts to make sure there is no backlog of parcels at its facilities.

Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, chief executive of Thailand Post, said some post offices have closed temporarily after staff became infected, requiring treatment and quarantine.

However, the company remains committed to providing services throughout the crisis, “though delivery services in some areas could be delayed”, he said.

Thailand Post handles an average of 8 million parcels a day.

The company has various measures to ensure there is not a backlog of parcels in its system, said Mr Dhanant. It can bring staff from other offices to provide delivery services and ensure delivery staff are divided into two groups working at different times.

Social distancing measures are also applied in mail sorting facilities.

He said the company is transparent about positive staff tests for Covid-19, reporting them on various online channels.

“Delivery services may be delayed in some areas and we apologise for it,” said Mr Dhanant.

Post offices must screen people who enter their facilities and they carry out routine disinfection in key areas every 20 minutes, he said.

Several other parcel delivery providers are also hampered by the pandemic, resulting in a delay in services.

Flash Express said its parcel distribution hub in Ayutthaya’s Wang Noi district was shut due to an outbreak and many of its staff in other branches have tested positive for Covid-19.

Komsan Lee, chief executive of Flash Group, which provides the Flash Express delivery service, said efforts are ramping up to shift parcels from its Wang Noi hub to other sites.

He conceded the company faces a tough task finding replacement employees for those in quarantine.

Flash Express set aside more than 200 million baht to compensate users affected by delayed delivery, said Mr Komsan.

Best Express, another parcel delivery service, indicated 12 areas in Bangkok’s Phra Nakhon district would experience a delay in deliveries from July 23 to Aug 5 due to the pandemic.

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