Ridhima Pandit Is The Highest Paid Contestant on Bigg Boss OTT

Ridhima Pandit (Source: Instagram | @ridhimapandit)

Every year there is a lot of buzz around Bigg Boss and its contestants. While this year the show has begun early with an extended OTT version, I am totally loving the contestants this year, be it Ridhima Pandit, Neha Bhasin, Shamita Shetty, or anybody else. Yes, Bigg Boss OTT is totally living up to its entertainment quotient, in fact, what I love the most about this season is that the level of drama is truly over the top. Not only are the contestants taking stands, but they are also fighting over the smallest of things.

Other than the drama, I have been eager to know who is getting the maximum fee this time. And after some research, I have found out that it is not Shamita, but Ridhima who is the highest paid on the reality show. As per certain media reports, the Bahu Hamari Rajnikant actress is being paid a whopping Rs 5 lakh per week.

Shamita is being paid a weekly fee of Rs 3.75 lakhs, while Zeeshan Khan is getting Rs 2.5 lakhs for a week on the Karan Johar hosted reality show. Singer Neha Bhasin and actress Divya Agarwal are making Rs 2 lakhs per week on the show.

Other than these, Akshara Singh, Milind Gaba, Karan Nath, and Moose Jattana are paid Rs 1.75 lakhs. Nishant Bhat and Raqesh Bapat are amongst the three least paid contestants. Their fee is Rs 1.2 lakhs and Pratik Sehajpal is the least paid with Rs 1 lakh per week.

Well, I think I need to start preparing to audition for the next season of Bigg Boss,  for, the money these contestants are making is fascinating. Agree?

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