Qubool Hai 2.0: 5 times Zoya and Asad proved that love is above all

Television’s one of the most loved couples, Asad and Zoya or #AsYa as they are fondly called by their fans, are back with the reboot of iconic show Qubool Hai 2.0 on Zee5 Premium. Conceptualized by Mrinal Jha, interestingly while the characters retain their original flavour, Qubool Hai 2.0 is a lot more refreshing and absorbing giving you all the reasons to fall in love. Everything about the sizzling on-screen chemistry between Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti’s scintillating and oh-so-fixating! From her “Allah Miyaan!” moments to his strong and wistful pull towards her, we just can’t have enough of them!

Qubool Hai 2.0 5 times Zoya and Asad proved that love is above all

While their desire for each other makes us swoon, let’s have a look at all the times that Zoya and Asad have proved that love is above all!!

1. Love transcends differences

She’s feisty and he’s a tough cookie! Zoya and Asad are perfect examples of opposites attract. They both are shown to be starkly different and on opposite sides of the ongoing conflict in the show. Yet, they don’t yield to the circumstances and stand by each other till the very end. They seem to come from parallel universes and come to grips with each other’s flaws and quirks like they’d never existed! They successfully show us how that two people from different worlds can also find love in each other.

2. Trust is the proof of Love

Zoya is quite smitten by Asad and trust and faith form the bedrock of their relationship. She doesn’t perceive him through the prism of the world but bases her own feelings and experiences on him. He sets her leap in delirium and that’s all that matters! She knows that together they can conquer the world and hence despite not knowing his agenda she is ready to walk with him on all the rocky roads of life.

3. Love above duty

Asad comes across as resilient, ambitious and purpose driven guy and is extremely focused on his job. Despite coming across as cold and unperturbed by everyone around him, his heart skips a beat every time he is with Zoya. He is always making sure that Zoya is well taken care of. He doesn’t shy away when they accept their love and put a lock of love on the bridge together.

4. Love comes with protectiveness

In the series, there have been multiple times where Asad has been seen protecting Zoya. Whether it was from the goons or whether it was about getting her home safe to Islamabad, Asad never shied away from showing how much he cared about Zoya. Zoya, too, in her own way showed how she cared for Asad when he was being framed and did not care about her own life. On another occasion she even comforts him when her father spoke ill about India

5. Love gives you a reason to stay

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Zoya and Asad’s love for each other was so strong that every time they decided to part ways, they found themselves back with each other. They had found a home and comfort place in each other and nothing could stop them from being drawn back. Neither of them was afraid of the consequences of their love. They went into everything, together. They were in it to win it!

The unique storyline is a notch higher than the original edition, and is intricately woven with meticulous detailing to the smallest of nuance thus adding to the overall big picture and the cinematic splendour.

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