“Looking At The Amount Of Hard Work My Fan Pages Put To Make Amazing Edits Motivates Me When I Feel Low” – Manav Chhabra

Virtual Wellness Hour with Manav Chhabra

Here’s my confession: one content creator whose super fun and entertaining videos are impossible to avoid or skip is Manav Chhabra, popularly known as Mr. MNV. He is a digital superstar who belongs to the famous creator group DamnFam. Moreover, he is the master of good looks (beard always on point), bhangra dance, fun challenge videos and viral trend Reels. For this very reason, Malini’s Girl Tribe organised a candid and fun Virtual Wellness Hour session with him. The virtual hangout was hosted by the social media manager at MissMalini Trending, Alice Cara Peter. These Wellness hours aim to uplift everyone’s spirits, keeping stress and anxiety far away. Trust me, it works and was so much fun! If you missed this virtual hangout, don’t worry, find out everything that happened in the session, right here.

Virtual Wellness Hour with Manav Chhabra a.k.a. Mr. MNV

Let me tell you, the Virtual Wellness Hour with Manav Chhabra was ‘ekdum badiya’! Tbh, it was amazing to watch so many enthusiastic girls join and have a candid conversation with Mr. MNV in real-time. The event kick-started with some light-hearted conversation where Manav gave us a sneak peek into his content creation journey and how having a group to create content actually helped him. On asking him to describe DamnFam in three words he simply said, ‘My Life Lines’. Moreover, he also shared about his fitness routine and revealed his stress relief mantra with everyone. That’s not all, girls from the Tribe got a chance to personally ask their questions to Mr. MNV. The session was then followed by some fun game rounds something we know Manav’s a pro at, amirite?

How does a day in the life of Mr. MNV look like?

Is there anything Manav cannot do? He is an all-rounder, from creating fun content to doing viral challenges to dancing and spending quality time with his squad he knows how to manage all. Manav disclosed about how a normal day in his life looks like. Starting his day with his furry son, Bronny and planning the rest of the day. He then works out for 2-3 hours, guess that’s the secret behind his fit body. He then creates content and chills with his DamnFam family. Lastly, he edits his videos and uploads them online. How cool is his daily routine, it’s defo a perfect balance between fun and work!

Manav Chhabra in his gaming mode

The game rounds were the ultimate highlight of this virtual hangout as we got to know some exclusive things about Manav like Mr. MNV’s first celebrity crush was Shruti Hassan. Also, do you know Tanzeel Khan and Mr. MNV are foodie partners? He revealed some cool unknown facts about other DamnFam members too. Moving on to the next game segment the first word that comes to Manav’s mind for, basketball is love, Instagram is a career, Bronny is my son/child. Loved how spontaneous and quick Mr. MNV was with his answers.

We wrapped up the game round of the Virtual Wellness Hour with a mindful question as we asked Mr. MNV what motivates him when he is feeling low? His answer was that he scrolls through his fans’ and fan pages’ work and the amount of hard work they put in to make such amazing edits. Also, he goes down memory lane and scrolls through his old pictures, Reels and videos which instantly uplifts his mood. I personally feel it’s important to take care of your mental health and well-being.

Virtual Wellness Hour with Manav Chhabra

The Wellness Hour concluded with nothing but kindness. Yes, that’s right all the girls from the tribe showcased their love for Mr. Mnv with an adjective that according to them describes him the best. I have to say, it was a perfect end to the virtual hangout. If you weren’t able to catch the live stream on Facebook, click here to watch the whole video!

If this sounds exciting and you wanna be a part of the next Virtual Wellness Hour, don’t miss out and download the Girl Tribe by MissMaini app here! Also, I hope you are all staying indoors and staying safe.

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