Living With A Partner For The First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

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You and your partner have decided to take it to the next level by moving in together. A part of you is excited but what should you expect from the experience and how do you both prepare for this next step? Moving in with someone is more than just the endless cuddles and movie marathons in the form of romantic comedies you have planned for rainy days. This relationship milestone takes commitment, patience, love, understanding, mutual respect and most importantly a common ground. 

Everybody has a divine nature within them which reveals aspects of their personality and personhood. Taking big steps such as living with someone means that you are opening yourself up to receiving the livelihood of your partner and learning to embrace who they truly are—up close and personal and literally behind closed doors. It can be a beautiful shared experience when two souls come together to unify their bond through the significance of sharing space. This transition doesn’t have to be a scary one. 

Ms Devina Kaur

So, we spoke to Ms Devina Kaur, an inspirational speaker, radio host, producer and author of the self-help book Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious to get tips on things one needs to know when moving in with their partner for the very first time. And this is what she had to say:

1. Learning Is The Best Medicine

Do you wash the dishes while your partner simply lazes around? Laundry is not your greatest skill set but your partner seems to have a much better hang at it than you? There will be moments where you and your partner might not agree on certain things, perhaps there are habits that may contribute to you and your partner not seeing eye-to-eye. This is what the learning phase is all about in every relationship.

Every problem can be easily solved when communication and respect are put at the forefront. It’s not about who’s wrong or right in the moment but it’s about empowering each other in love and understanding whilst granting others the space to grow and do better. Talk it out and come to an agreement to split household chores.

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2. Shared Laughter

A little joke never hurt anyone. Living with someone you love and trust can be a very fun experience worthy of treasured memories. Play a game. release your inner child with your partner and have fun sharing these good moments with someone who sees the best in everything that you are. Make your house a home by bringing in aspects of joy, laughter and absolute bliss. Moving in with your partner may seem a little intimidating at first but when you place love, learning, kindness, respect and tolerance in your shared experiences, a happy home is where all good things thrive.

3. Self Knowledge

Know what you want and how to get it. As women, we tend to overcompensate for those around us and rarely allow ourselves to be the true version of ourselves that dismiss titles such as ‘mom’, ‘career woman’ and ‘spouse’. Self-knowledge means having a better understanding of yourself outside of what people expect from you. When we know ourselves, we are empowered to be more of our given divine identity and less of what the world wants us to be. Self-knowledge binds you to the connection that you and your partner may have. You will be able to set boundaries for your ‘new normal’ which will allow conflicts to lessen and help centre your experience on love and kindness.

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