Instagram’s Roxanne Chinoy Reveals 6 Facts About The Platform You Probably Didn’t Know

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Instagram is one of the go-to apps for most people all over the globe. This social media app is one that has been ever-evolving. The new features introduced on Instagram enhance the experience for its users too. And in our recent Insta Live with the Strategic Partner Manager for Instagram Reels, India, Roxanne Chinoy shed some light on this social media app and also shared some insightful tips too. To know more scroll away!

Are you ready for some amazing facts?

1. Use all surfaces

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On Instagram using all the features can help to make sure that people know that you are creating content. Be it for posting Reels, giving shout-outs on stories, or going live a couple of hours after that and getting feedback is highly suggested. Also, do ensure that when you are posting the Reel the feed preview is on so that the Reel shows up on your main grid as well.

2. Hashtags

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A hashtag is a context marker on your content, however, it’s not the main distribution driver on your content. The distribution of the content you post can be done by the type of content itself. It is definitely recommended that you create your own hashtag for your content and keep it long-term. This way Instagram users will start following your hashtag and following you too. Hashtags are a real piece of real estate for you to build, on a long-term basis with your fans.

3. Filters

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There are so many trends that have started because of Instagram filters. Be it Remix Reels or filters, they can be a great starting or ideation point to create content. Keep an eye out for what is working on the platform. To see if Instagrammers are using a specific filter and creating content around it. Be it ‘Where’s My Soulmate?‘, or the ‘Runway Aurora’. Filters can truly be fun, amazing and authentic contributors to creating content.

4. Reels 

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Talking about Reels, Roxanne says, “Reels is all about entertainment, expressions, and what makes any Reel stand out is your take on a trending moment or conversation so it’s not about the 5000 Reels that features the trend but about your unique interpretation and spin around it. Any sort of content creation is a journey and not a destination
For anybody who is new embrace it, roll with it and keep finding your niche.”

She further adds, “Remix Reels is a cool way to reach or collab with someone. Any time you’re feeling stuck and wondering what to create a Remix Reels is a wonderful way to get you out of that rut.”

5. The way to successfully use trends

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“A trend is an indication of a natural conversation on the platform,” mentions Roxanne in the live. If there’s a new song or even a meme, it’s natural for people to create Reels or other content around it till it becomes viral. Roxanne further adds, “Instagram is all about your own authentic voice and journey right? And that exact thing should translate into the Reels itself. Making a trend your own and saying that this is your take on the trend is what sets it apart and that’s what helps it do well.”

6. Please experiment!

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Only when you experiment you open up new avenues for yourself. You will notice that something that you tried may get noticed by everyone and do well. So if you create dance content does not mean you can’t do comedy content, if you’re trying content around beauty doesn’t mean you can’t do content around music. If there’s a type of content that sparks an interest in you, just pick that up and create it and put it out. If you feel connected with that trend just create it and put it out there!

So thanks to this insightful live with Roxanne, these were some really helpful facts that we learned and we hope they were of great help to you too. Do apply them and let us know if these facts helped you use Instagram app optimally. Also on a side note, we hope that you are staying safe and have gotten yourselves vaccinated.

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