How To Nail The Bubble Ponytail Hair Trend

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The best kind of beauty trend is one that’s easy to recreate and here’s where the bubble ponytail fits the fill the bill perfectly. It’s equal parts flirty, chic and let’s not forget fun. If you’ve been on a rut with hairstyle ideas and want to challenge yourself with more creative ideas you’ve got to try this on for size. While this style isn’t entirely new all the hairstyle obsessed folks from Instagram to TikTok have been flooding our feeds with these looks. The best part is that while offering up a cool twist on the classic ponytail it only takes a few minutes to recreate but it’s so easy that with some practice you might even be nailing it in seconds. It’s one look that even works on a variety of hair textures that we’ve seen many celebrities rock on the red carpet, including Priyanka Chopra at the BAFTA’s red carpet. So you know it’s a big hairstyle trend for 2021.

You can totally rock the look whether you’ve got shorter or long hair and guess what, it works even better with dirtier hair! Of course, longer hair works best because you can always get more distinct bubble effects. But you can totally go ham with the dry shampoo during the process because you’ll want that extra volume for this ponytail. If you’ve got fine or straighter hair you need to come armed with a texturizing or volumizing spray to give your strands more grit and avoid looking flat. Ready to get started? Ahead we’ve broken the bubble ponytail process down into a few easy steps

Here’s how to achieve an easy bubble ponytail hairstyle at home:

Step 1:

First, you need to apply your texturizing products to your hair. Once that’s done pull your hair into a ponytail. If you want a sportier look try a high ponytail or a mid-ponytail for a more casual look. Secure it in place with not one but two ponytail elastics because the first elastic can get stretched out, this will give it some extra support and lift. Nobody likes a droopy ponytail! However, you can follow the same method for a low ponytail that will give you a sleeker look. 

Step 2:

Brush and tease the loose hair to make it look bigger and softer. Here’s where you create your first bubble. Go a few inches down from the ponytail base, add a bit of hairspray, smooth it over, and secure an elastic under the teased section. Pull the hair between the elastics apart a little to stretch out the hair.

If you don’t like the stiffness of hairspray, you can always spray dry shampoo over the ponytail and brush through to add fullness and texture. Just make sure that after you tease, brush out the rest of your ponytail so it’s smooth and knot-free.

Step 3:

Take another hair tie and tie it a couple of inches further down your ponytail. Again, use your fingers to tease the space between the first and second like a fan to loosen it into more of a bubble shape. Keep repeating this until your reach the end of the ponytail.

Step 4:

Leave a chunk of about two or three inches of hair free at the bottom. Once more tease each bubble to make sure it’s the shape you want. Finish the look with a light spritz of hairspray and smooth out any flyaways with a spoolie or toothbrush.

Step 5:

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of visible elastics you can wrap each section with a small piece of hair. You can secure the hair around the elastic with a bobby pin, pointing down or for a more flirty romantic look cover up the hair ties with some ribbons or bows. 

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And there you have it one simple bubble ponytail! You can totally mix things up or experiment creating two braids, pigtails or just put your own spin on things. You can check out our blog here for more bubble braids and ponytail hairstyle inspo.

What’s your take on the bubble ponytail hair trend? Have you tried it before? Let us know in the comments below.

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