Here’s Why We Think You Should Totally Catch Vidya Balan’s Upcoming Film ‘Sherni’

Vidya Balan in Sherni (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya)

Vidya Balan‘s Sherni is one film that I’m so looking forward to ever since they announced it. The film promises to be a soulful excavation of the man-animal conflict, which has been a major issue, since times unknown. And of course, something we don’t see on screen as much. So the fact that it stars the amazing, Vidya, just makes it a super exciting one to watch out for.

Here are some reasons why you should totally catch this film:

  • When it comes to carrying off roles of everyday women and some extraordinary women with the same grace and finesse, nobody does it better than Vidya Balan. Over her career span, the actress has not only smashed stereotypes, but given women characters to look up to. Her performance carries the factor of ‘relatability’, which she delivers effortlessly, even with silences, much like Kate Winslet’s performance in ‘Mare of The East Town’.
  • In Sherni, Vidya looks like she is set to embody the quintessential Sherni spirit – as the lone woman who must save a tigress while being surrounded by doubting, dubious men. It’s a role that sounds like it was written for her all along.
  • Stories mirroring the man Vs. animal conflict aren’t new to Indian cinema. While humankind’s material greed has preceded his relationship with animals of exotic value, animals on the other hand have been forced to adapt towards the ‘Development’ in their ecosystems. With ‘Sherni’, the director, Amit V. Masurkar is certain to bring an empathetic pair of lens, to show the audience the need of striking a balance between the two.
  • Sherni also boasts of an ensemble cast, of highly-skilled performers like Vijay Raaz, Neeraj Kabi and Bijendra Kala, who will be teaming up with the powerhouse of talent, Vidya Balan.
  • A film like Sherni is also something that is so relevant to today’s times, when we are realising how there is a need for us to pay attention to the depleting natural ecosystem and look at the bigger picture as apposed to our own selfish, human motives.

So strap in and make sure you’re are on-board for this wild and soulful ride as Sherni drops on Amazon Prime Video on 18th June!

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