Here Are 8 International Songs That Are Currently Making Rounds On Instagram

Songs Into Your Arms, Dinero, Permission To Dance (Source: Instagram | @dusktime_thoughts, @reginaeigbe, @bts.bighitofficial)

Instagram is the one platform that is solely responsible for my alarming screen-time! However, it’s such an entertaining space with a whole host of features. Since the inception of Reels, we’ve seen so much new music get viral on the ‘gram. Instagrammers are making creative Reels every day, and they are getting creative with their choice of music too, which in turn is causing so many songs to garner popularity. These days, a few trending international tracks have been making rounds on Instagram and getting people hooked. So, if you wish to update your playlist with some cool global tracks then you’ve come to the right place. Check all of this cool music out right away!

Here are your playlist must-haves:

1. Dinero by Trinidad Cardona

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This song is topping the trending chart on Instagram rn and tbh, I am not surprised! Dinero took the ‘gram by storm, as lately, it became one of the most used songs in Reels. Currently, it’s a famous dance challenge and almost all popular creators have taken part in it. Also, the song is quite catchy and gets you grooving in no time.

2. Permission To Dance by BTS

9th of July was the official ARMY day and BTS released their new English track ‘Permission To Dance‘ on the same day. This caused a lot of happy frenzy among the BTS ARMY and this song has been trending on Instagram ever since. I am pretty sure this peppy and positive track is gonna reign over the global trending charts for the next few weeks now.

3. Into Your Arms (Feat. Ava Max) by Witt Lowry

This song hit me right in the feels and now I am kinda obsessed with it. The chorus and the bridge of this rap song is nothing but beautiful and I have watched so many cute Reels on this. For the past 2 weeks, this song has been holding its spot tightly on the trending audios chart on Instagram and I am not complaining!

4. Beggin’ by Maneskin

Released back in 2017, Beggin’ is a super boujee track that always gets me into a ‘girl boss’ kinda vibe. This song is making rounds on Instagram and I have seen so many creators make such quirky Reels with these tracks. Thank god for Reels as I have found this hidden gem of a music piece for my playlist.

5. Cover Me In Sunshine by P!NK, Willow Sage Heart 

This track is all-things-beautiful and I cannot seem to get over the soothing vibe of it. If you’re planning to create a new Reel for the ‘gram you should defo check this viral audio out, It will truly amp your video in the most beautiful way ever. Also, who else is fangirling over the cute lyrics of this song?

6. Way Back Home (Feat. Conor Maynard) by SHAUN

This is another beautiful song that should totally make it to your playlist. According to me, it’s the perfect drive song and I am hooked to the soothing vocals. So many creators have globally used this song in their videos, which has made it one of the most trending tracks these days.

7. Watermelon Sugar x Seaside by Fabricio TJ 

This song is probably a no-brainer ‘cuz it has literally taken over Instagram. For the last few weeks, this particular remix has been making rounds on everyone’s Instagram feed, isn’t it? It’s a super soothing track and is great for transition Reels.

8. Butter by BTS

This peppy and upbeat track by the popular K-pop group, BTS is still successfully maintaining its position on the trending chart. Being #1 on Billboard for 6 weeks now, this song has been making waves on the ‘gram for two months. Once I start scrolling through the ‘Butter’ Reels, the slope is quite slippery (or should I say buttery) and the next thing you know, I am hooked to my phone for hours.

So, here are the international tracks that have been making rounds on Instagram and I defo love all of them. I love how the Instagram audio library contributes so much towards my playlist and helps me make sure it’s up to date! 😛 Which trending song is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below. Also, I hope all of you are staying home, staying safe and listening to cool new music.

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