#FilterFriday: 7 Instagram Filters That’re So Good You’ll Add Them To Your Favourites

GG, Golden Skin, Golden Hour (Source_ Instagram _ @gaurav.__. sharma @vivek_rydg @shinyabbott)

If I say that I am not hooked to the ‘gram, I would totally be lying! Instagram has always been at the forefront when it comes to new entertaining features. Undoubtedly one of our favourite features and things to do on Instagram is to try out different filters. I love how all these filters by digital creators are so unique in their own way. So, this week, we are back with 7 filters that are so good that they will give you a major glow-up instantly!

Get ready to save these filters to your faves!

1. Monday – Saturn. by Nadrooz

Saturn. by Nadrooz

Here’s a perfect natural-looking filter to start your week with. I absolutely love this filter because it leaves you looking fresh and flawless. A great way to flaunt your ‘no-makeup – makeup’ look with soft blush on your cheeks. So, if you wish to get that perfect ‘Work Mode On’ selfie, Saturn. is your go-to filter!

2. Tuesday – Golden Hour by Shinyabbott

Golden Hour by Shinyabbott

What better filter than the one that gives you the perfect golden hour glow in one second? Yep, that’s right this is one of my favourite filters as it makes me look naturally done up with even skin. I bet, with this filter, you will end up looking fresh and relaxed, which I absolutely love. So, don’t worry about missing that golden hour anymore cause this filter has got you covered.

3. Wednesday – Iconic Blue by Shalini Kutti

Iconic Blue by Shalini Kutti

What better filter than the Iconic Blue by Shalini to drive your mid-week blues away, hehe. It’s perfect for when you’re too tired to put on any makeup, but still want to show that no-makeup glow. The dramatic blue eyeliner gives me an instant makeover. Well, I cannot wait for you to try it out already!

4. Thursday – GG by Gaurav Sharma 

GG by Gaurav Sharma 

The Instagram filter created by Gaurav Sharma is stunning. I absolutely love the grainy effect and how flawless it makes me look! This is just the perfect filter for natural and refreshing vibes. Well, something unique about this filter is that there are different effects and you can choose according to what compliments your mood the most. Here’s a suggestion, use this filter to amp up your pictures instantly!

5. Friday – Cartoon Character by Lulindira

Cartoon Character by Lulindira

Is it just me, or do you also go down the memory lane when you hear the word ‘cartoon’? This super fun and interactive filter turned my Friday into ‘Fri-yay’. If you love cartoon characters then you gotta love this filter too. Also, in case you were wondering, I got ‘Tom’ as my cartoon character, haha, try this filter out to see which cartoon character do you get?

6. Saturday – Golden Skin by Vivek

Golden Skin by Vivek

As we finally come towards the start of the weekend, Golden Skin, by Vivek will give you the perfect glow to get your Saturday started. This gorgeous filter applies a subtle golden tint over your picture that can instantly amp your selfie up. It also has the ability to brighten up your day by making you feel like a glowing diva and I love it.

7. Sunday – Love Notes by YouTube

Love Notes by YouTube

Everything about this filter screams cutee! As the name suggests this interactive filter by YouTube reveals how will you share love notes, sounds interesting, amirite? After using this filter, I bet you will feel love all around you, hehe. I absolutely can’t get over how adorable this filter is. Honestly, it perfectly fits our relaxed Sunday mood!

There you go, these filters kept me entertained throughout the week and I absolutely enjoyed trying them. Well, for me all these filters made it to my favourites how about you? Which one did you like the most out of our list? Tell us in the comments below! Also, on a side note, I hope you are all staying home and staying safe while using these filters to send your besties some instant glam’d up and refreshing selfies.

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