#FilterFriday : 7 Instagram Filters That’re So Good We Saved Them Right Away

Twitter Reacc, Cyber y2k<3, What I want rn (Source: Instagram | @panicsalad @fugjunn @idk.ashfa)

Instagram is one of my fave places to spend time. You know we’re hooked to Instagram filters by now, and it’s Fri-yay, which means we’re back with 7 new creators that have nailed their level best at designing filters. The filters are one such feature that has always sparked my curiosity and kept me well-equipped these days. All the filters are super creative and they will defo help you uplift your spirits. Believe me, when I say, that I adored each and every filter and ngl, they instantly brightened my spirits. So, scroll down to check ’em all out!

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1. Monday – Cyber y2k<3 by Fugjunn

cyber y2k<3 by @fugjunn

This filter oozes quirkiness in every way! It’s a colourful, one-of-a-kind filter that’ll make your Monday blues disappear. The vintage cartoon backdrop is super cool as is it looks super LIT. So, if you’re trying to improve your selfie game, this filter is a defo must-try.

2. Tuesday – Soulmate by Pragya Parnami

Soulmate by @prags_25

I’m waiting for an answer to this question as well, lol. Pragya’s soulmate filter certainly brightened my day with the amusing responses I received. But I’m hoping that this will undoubtedly help me in my search for a soulmate, hehe.

3. Wednesday – Twitter reacc by Saishree

Twitter reacc by @panicsalad

It’s a fun and quirky interactive Instagram filter by Saishree that tells you your reaction of the day as soon as you start recording. All the reaction options are super quirky and relatable and most of them perfectly described my everyday mood.

4. Thursday – What I want rn by Ashfa

What I want rn by @idk.ashfa

This fantastic Instagram filter just made my mood. It’s a funny and entertaining, interactive filter that shows your mood based on different vibes. I really wanted to sleep and chat with a buddy while I tried this filter, and the result actually surprised me. If you’re a moody person like me, this is a must-try this one cause it’ll surely drive your mid-week blues away.

5. Friday – Full body tattoo by Vidhi Shrivastav

Full body tattoo by @vidhiarfilters

This is one kickass filter, and I’m in love with it. This Instagram filter is super cool and tbh quite unique too. It surely made me feel like a badass Rockstar on the verge of taking over the world. To top it all off these cute butterflies look absolutely adorbs on my face, don’t they?

6. Saturday – Photobooth by Lalit

Photobooth by @_deviil__

I had a lot of fun taking my photos with this Instagram filter since it provided me with so many alternatives. Ngl, this is one of my faves as I really like how my photo appears in this four-square grid and all in a different style. It surely gives me the retro Saturday photobooth vibes and tbh who wouldn’t enjoy that, amirite?

7. Sunday – Glothing by Jason Aaron

Glothing by @jason_aaron

Isn’t this a wonderful filter? This filter appears to be custom-made for you to appreciate the no-makeup and makeup styles. It has a natural feel to it, and I assume it will make you look stunning too. It has a really cold and refreshing vibe about it which is ideal for a Sunday-Funday.

So there you have it, a few of my fave Instagram filters of the week, all of which I absolutely loved using. I hope these adorably charming filters brighten your day as well. I ran through all of these filters at least so many times that I’ve just lost the count now, haha. I also hope that everyone reading this is staying home and is safe.

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