#FilterFriday: 7 Instagram Filters That You Definitely Need To Try

Kodak Grain, Grainy Pink, Rager Teenager (Source: Instagram | @shivani.rajani @makeupbytehseenzaff @aadhyadhar)

Nowadays, does anyone not use filters? I highly doubt it. We personally love scrolling through all the new filters that creators make and share on Instagram. However, all of us get might need new filters time and again to make sure our selfie game is on-point, don’t y’all agree? That’s why we have #FilterFriday, which y’all can just skim through to find out the new filters that are in store for you guys. So, if you are looking for some quirky, creative, new filters then start scrolling right away.

Check them out:

1. Monday – Mumbaikar Quiz by Kunal Bhatt

Mumbaikar Quiz by Kunal Bhatt

This filter is a perfect way to start our week with loads of GK so that we have a fruitful week ahead, don’t y’all think so too? As the name suggests, this filter is a quiz and all you have to do is guess the location by the hint given to you. If you’re not equipped with the different areas in Mumbai, this filter is for you buddy. Also, if you’re a true Mumbaikar you’d defo nail this quiz. Try it out right away.

2. Tuesday – Rager Teenager by Aadhya

Rager Teenager by Aadhya

All the Gen-Z and millennials in the house, Aadhya has a filter especially for y’all. The name of the filter makes us all nostalgic and think about the times when we were young and complete rebels, hahaha. This filter has a blue-tinted effect and a slight rainbow glow, which completely justifies the ‘rager’ in me.

3. Wednesday – Grainy Pink by Tehseen Khan Zafa

Grainy Pink by Tehseen Khan Zafa

This filter has totes blown away my mid-week blues. This peach-pink blush effect on the face makes me wanna go back to the days when we could travel to hilly and snowy destinations. Also, the grainy effect gives our picture a super chill vibe.

4. Thursday – Fever Dream by Jishnu Padmarajan

Fever Dream by Jishnu Padmarajan

You have to agree, this filter’s name is as dreamy as the filter itself. It’s a light texture with a grainy and subtle effect. If you notice, the filter isn’t enhancing my face but just giving a different effect and texture. I love the overall subtlety of it.

5. Friday – Kodak Grain by Shivani Rajani

Kodak Grain by Shivani Rajani

This filter has my heart as it’s so aesthetic and artsy. When you tap on the screen a black frame appears with multiple frame options, how cool is that? Also, you can deselect the frame if you wouldn’t like to add one however the grain effect would stay and I think that’s pretty amazing.

6. Saturday – Neon Frame by Instagram

Neon Frame by Instagram

Guys, don’t y’all think these neon lights have become a thing whether it’s in dance videos or anywhere else and not even going to lie, it’s just too pleasing and catchy to the eye. This filter by Instagram gives me the same vibe, legit. It is actually pretty cool ‘cuz these virtual neon lights keep on moving and shifting sides. It literally gives me that Saturday club feels that I miss during the Pandemic. This filter is a must-have on your list.

7. Sunday – HoliCam Mask by Sameer

HoliCam Mask by Sameer

I think this filter is absolutely on-point. Since we’re in the midst of a Pandemic, we really need to be careful while celebrating festivities with our dear and near ones. This filter’s got us covered for the same, as you can see it has such vibrant and colourful Holi colours along with a mask and that’s just what we need to stay home and stay safe while enjoying too. Ngl, I don’t even feel like stepping out of the house after discovering this filter. Honestly, you could just take a few pictures and you’re sorted.

So, here are 7 filters that we enjoyed trying out this week! Soon we will be back with another set of amazing filters. Till then, tell us about your fave filter in the comments below.

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