#FilterFriday: 7 Instagram Filters That Were Absolute Mood Boosters This Week

Pretty, Bollywood Karaoke, Cloud Nine (Source: Instagram |@deborahglima @sarvesh_is_wow @livefitelle)

I’m pretty sure you must have noticed that I’m addicted to Instagram filters. I, for one, spend the entire day trying out new ones as they amuse me. Instagram filters are quite popular these days, and almost no one posts a picture on Instagram without applying one, amirite? So, as I do every week, I’m back with 7 unique and creative Instagram filters that made my week more entertaining and happy. If you’re looking to click some quirky selfies and kickass pictures, you should defo check out these fun filter recommendations by me!

Check ’em out…

1. Monday – In the moment by @anishasahijwala

In the moment by @anishasahijwala

Tbh, I love to start my days on a fresh and positive note. It makes my day so much better. So, to drive my Monday ‘Hues’ away I tried this filter by Anisha Sahijwala and now I’m totally hooked to it. My skin looks fresh and relaxed thanks to the grainy appearance of this filter, and it also adds a tint of brightness to the overall picture.

2. Tuesday – Cloud nine by @livefitelle

Cloud nine by @livefitelle

This filter exudes subtlety and beauty in every way. This one should defo be your go-to filter if you ever want to brighten up your photos and add a little colour to them. And, OMG, the best part about this filter is that it allows you to play with 9 different undertones in just one filter. Isn’t that incredible? Elle certainly did a great job of balancing these tones as it really kept me hooked for a while, hehe!

3. Wednesday – Lens by @khushii8

Lens by @khushii8

Ngl, Khushi this is an adorable filter that gives me a subtle yet bright glow with a double frame aesthetic. I personally love the frame and the upright effect in the background. It has a perfect balance of everything, from frames to the B&W background, it checks everything on my filter checklist!

4. Thursday – _FRAME_1.0 by @rj_ashutosh

_FRAME_1.0 by @rj_ashutosh

I had a lot of fun taking pictures with this Instagram filter by Ashutosh since it provided me with such a cute aesthetic frame in the background. Ngl, this is one of my fave filters as I really like how my picture appears in the postcard form with these cutesy little plants in the background frame. Doesn’t this filter look super aesthetic?

5. Friday – Photographer by @tastings_we_do

Photographer by @tastings_we_do

Well, this is just the right filter for my boring Fridays. This filter by Juhi & Mayuri shows a pretty thought for the day with a cute quote as well as a date. So, get ready for your cozy Friday night virtual plans with this filter. Go ahead and use this filter to send awesome selfies to your friends.

6. Saturday – Pretty by @deborahglima

Pretty by @deborahglima

This bright and dazzling filter made my Saturday go yay! As the name suggests, this filter is super ‘pretty’ and will leave you looking ‘blushed-up’. It also has a subtle pink overlay, which leaves your picture looking smooth and radiant. Don’t believe me yet? Then go try it out yourself!

7. Sunday – Bollywood Karaoke by @sarvesh_is_wow

jBollywood Karaoke by @sarvesh_is_wow

It’s time for some Funday on a Sunday, this filter by Sarvesh is extremely fun. This one is for all the singers and Bollywood fans out there, so put on your party caps and get ready to show off your virtual karaoke talents! The filter will suggest a song to sing and all you’ve got to do is start jammin’. So, give this filter a shot and start sending your singing videos to your pals.

So there you have it, a selection of my fave Instagram filters over this week, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed using. I hope you have as much fun with these wonderfully cute filters as I did. I’ve used these filters so many times that I’ve lost count now, hehe. I also hope that everyone reading this is safe and is staying at home.

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