#FilterFriday: 7 Insanely Cool Instagram Filters You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Beachy Vibes, Cheer4India, Bliss bliss (Source: Instagram |@iampratishtha @rj_ashutosh @loveunatureonly )

It’s filter’O clock once again. By now you already know how much I enjoy snapping photos, and the best part is discovering about new and interesting filters. Instagram has a wonderful selection of filters created by a variety of talented Creators, and I’m not ashamed to confess that I have a thing for trying them out, hehe. Just like every week, once again I’m here with 7 insanely cool and quirky filters to keep you hooked for a while. So, if you’re looking to click some bright and super cool pictures this week just like me don’t forget to try these for sure.

Check it out…

1. Monday – POLAROID FRAMES by @polaroid.__.wala

POLAROID FRAMES by @polaroid.__.wala

This filter is precisely one of the best for Mondays, a good start to my week. I love how this filter is so bright and positive it defo made my day a lot better. Love how it marks the date on the picture when it’s clicked, for some throwback memories, hehe. I totally enjoyed using this filter and I’m pretty sure you might too. So don’t forget to check this one out!

2. Tuesday – Beachy Vibes by @iampratishtha

Beachy Vibes by @iampratishtha

Pratishtha‘s lovely filter, ‘Beachy Vibes’ captures my relaxed mood accurately. The rosy blush effect gives me a natural makeover within seconds. This filter lives up to its name and defo gives me a beachy vacation vibe. The pink colour in this filter has the power to entirely change your picture and give you a soft pastel effect.

3. Wednesday – Bliss bliss by @loveunatureonly

Bliss bliss by @loveunatureonly

This filter is awesome ‘cuz it adds perfect shades to my pictures. Personally, I love pink and peach colours as they give a natural, no-makeup, makeup look to my face. Well,  that’s why I adore this creamy-textured filter so much. This filter also gives me a soft yet dazzling glow making my Wednesday twice as blissful as it would be in general. Therefore, it’s an absolute must-try filter!

4. Thursday –  Kodak frame by @vijay.gulani

Kodak frame by @vijay.gulani

This classic filter holds a special place in my heart as it makes me nostalgic. When you press the screen for long, several red flashlight options come giving you a wide range of styles to choose from. Isn’t this cool? Love how this filter virtually transports me to another era. This filter by Vijay Gulani gives me the best aesthetic and retro vibe.

5. Friday – Panda hat by @uicaptures

Panda hat by @unicaptures

OMG, once again I’ve discovered my soul filter, ‘Panda hat’. This adorable filter by Uday has my heart as I can’t get enough of this cutesy filter. This filter is unquestionably the ideal way to begin my weekend chill with. I like how stylish this filter is as it keeps up with the hat trend on point. This is absolutely worth a try, and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

6. Saturday – Cheer4India by @rj_ashutosh

Cheer4India by @rj_ashutosh

Woohoo, as delighted as I am for all the #OlympicGamesTokyo 2020 winners, I also want to congratulate and thank all of them using this filter. Well, here’s my way of virtually cheering and supporting our nation for all the hard work they have put in. I have done my bit by encouraging the participants of the Olympics, now it’s your turn to cheer for India.

7. Sunday – Guess the muhavara by @omkarprb

Guess the muhavara by @omkarprb

This is the ideal filter for a fun-filled Sunday, isn’t it? Omkar Parab has created a fun, interactive filter that asks you to guess Hindi idioms once you start recording. Filters like these are entertaining and spark joy in me. Tbh, this filter was super fun to use and I also shared it with my friends. I strongly advise everyone to give it a try and check how good your Hindi is, hehe.

Well there you go, these seven filters made my week super entertaining and fun! So, if you’re hoping to take some killer photos this week, don’t forget to give these filters a shot and let me know how much you liked them in the comments below. Also, I hope you guys are keeping well and are safe. If that’s the case then see you soon.

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