#FilterFriday: 7 Creative Instagram Filters To Capture All Your Sweet Memories For The Week

What I Want Rn, Mirror Garden, Blink at 4.000s (Source: Instagram | @idk.ashfa @sansriti_mishra @nytsee)

Well, it’s no secret that all of us love spending time on social media platforms, especially Instagram. For most of us, it’s what we wake up to and definitely the last thing we see before going to sleep at night. Honestly, Instagram literally is one of the major reasons behind our alarming screen-time every day. There’s so much that we can do on this platform. However, our favourite has to be trying out trending, creative filters is the best thing that could have happened to us! So, just like every week, here are 7 filters that spruced up our pictures and brightened our mood up. So, what are you waiting for? Check them all out!

Here they are:

1. Monday – What I Want Rn by Ashfa 

What I Want Rn by Ashfa 

What better way to start your week than a trending filter? Well, we strongly believe that Mondays set the tone for the rest of the week so tell me a better filter than ‘What I Want Rn’, we’re all ears. This filter is making rounds on the ‘gram and how, we can’t blame creators here cause it’s a filter worth the hype.

2. Tuesday – Moody Yellow by Fahad

Moody Yellow by Fahad

This is filter is so natural and yet will make you feel all cutesy! As the name suggests, this vibrant filter will transform your Tuesday mood look into a fresh and bright one. We absolutely love using this filter for all our selfies. Did you notice how this filter gives us blushed-up cheeks? It almost like an instant makeover!

3. Wednesday – A Word For You!  by Nilashmi Rahule

A Word For You!  by Nilashmi Rahule

This beautiful filter by Nilashmi will give you the kind of positivity you need to drive your mid-week blues away on a happy note. We love filters that manage to uplift our spirits and mood instantly and this defo is one of them. The word we got was ‘CUTIE’, now it’s your turn to try out this filter and know what’s the word for you, for the day.

4. Thursday – Love of my life by Pragya Parnami

Love of my Life by Pragya Parnami

We all have wondered about, ‘When will we meet the love of our life?’, isn’t it? Don’t worry cause here’s a filter by Pragya that will answer this question for you. This interactive filter is nothing less than dreamy, as soon as your press ‘record’ it will start scrolling through options and then suddenly reflect your answer. Would defo recommend you all to try it out!

5. Friday – Blink at 4.000s by Nytsee

Blink at 4.000s by Nytsee

Everything about this filter screams quirky! Yes, that’s right this is yet another filter that took Instagram by storm. Creators have used this filter and turned it into a viral challenge. All you need to do in this interactive filter is that to blink your eye at 4.000s sharp. Concentration and alertness are key to the success of this trending filter challenge. It’s time for you to give this filter a try.

6. Saturday – Blush and Shine by Dipta Talukdar

Blush and Shine by Dipta Talukdar

As we finally come towards the start of the weekend, Blush and Shine by Dipta Talukdar will give you the perfect glow to get you started. What definitely steals the show for us in this filter, is the gorgeous shining sparkle! Moreover, the peachy blush with the bling surely makes this a stunning filter. A filter that helped us share flawless and all dolled-up selfies with our friends, how about you?

7. Sunday – Mirror Garden by Sansriti Mishra

Mirror Garden by Sansriti Mishra

Mirror, mirror, on the screen take us to wonderland! We can’t find a better filter that suits our Sunday mood better than ‘Mirror Garden’ by Sansriti Mishra. It’s quite creative and we love how the mirror is placed in the center of beautiful nature. This filter gives us a super aesthetic picture that we always want instantly. It is totally our go-to filter for Sundays, what about you?

So, here are all the filters we loved trying this week. We know times are tough. So, it’s important for us to find joy in the little things that are around us and stay connected with our loved ones via social media platforms. Also, we hope everyone reading this article is staying home and staying safe.

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