#FilterFriday: 7 Creative AR Filters That Made The Last Week Of June Super Joyful

Y2ksthetic.cyber, Try Donuts, Rafaga Iconos (Source: Instagram | @xxdollixx @amel.711 @sonrisasdebombay)

Instagram has become a part and parcel of my life for sure. There isn’t a day where I don’t open Instagram, it’s become my lifeblood. Well, so has its features. One such feature that has always caught my attention and also keeps me quite equipped with these days is the filters. Usually, I get to know about the filters through the creator’s stories, as the filter name pops up near their username. Let me tell y’all, Instagram has a zillion filters, and coming up with new filters is not an easy job. Just how y’all discover new filters every day, I have discovered 7 new filters that might make it to everyone’s save list too. So, scroll down to check ’em all out!

It could be used for selfies or pictures…

1. Monday – Peach Vibe by @hrishi_gautam

Peach Vibe by Hrishi Omkar Gautam

I totally ap-peach-iate the hard work that went into making this filter. As the name suggests, this filter is super peachy and gives our boring, not-so-enthu Mondays the perfect VIBE. The filter also gives me an option to add the super cool freckle effect. Tbh, the only song that comes to my mind after using this filter is ‘Peaches by Justin Bieber. Don’t y’all think of the same? Well now go try on this filter right away.

2. Tuesday – Try Donuts by @amel.711

Try Donuts by Amel Z

Do-nut tell me, you haven’t seen or tried this filter. What are y’all even doing? This filter is not too over-the-top but still serves its purpose, amirite? The pink blush with the freckle effect makes me look flawless. This filter gets better as you can change your lip shade according to your mood, this is one of my fave effects about this filter!

3. Wednesday – Y2ksthetic.cyber by @xxdollixx

Y2ksthetic.cyber by @xxdollixx

Are you all aware of what Y2k is? If not, then let me tell you! First of all Y2k means ‘for the year 2000’ which is basically the beginning of the millennial era. This era was defined by women who ruled pop culture. Coming to this filter, it’s super snappy and quirky. It changes its background effect every second and I feel it gives an accurate representation of Y2k fashion, colours and is quite a lit and trendy filter to try.

4. Thursday – Do It For Doctors by @drishtey

Do It For Doctors by @drishtey

Yesterday (1st July), was #NationalDoctorsDay and that’s why this filter is super important to be known. It accurately represents the current situation and the importance of wearing a mask, if not for yourself, ‘do if for the doctors’. This initiative by Mavericks urges people to stay home and stay safe. I would personally like to say this to all the doctors reading this, you will always be warriors for working selflessly and protecting everyone at all times.

5. Friday – Rafaga Iconos by @sonrisasdebombay

Rafaga Iconos by @sonrisasdebombay

Gosh, how much pink is too much pink? This filter is quite classy with the whole gradient effect. It defo makes me wanna take more pictures in this filter as it’s flawlessly aesthetic! It also gives out such a positive and energetic vibe to this wholesome picture. So, don’t forget to search for this filter before it gets out of trend.

6. Saturday – Bollywood Quiz by @ashmeet.sehgal

Bollywood Quiz by Ashmeet Sehgal

Well, Saturday night is a games night for all of us, right so here’s a Bollywood Gibberish challenge for all you die-heart Bolly lovers. So once the recording starts, there will be a word written in gibberish and we’ve got to decode the Bollywood dialogue. You only get 10 seconds to guess the song, some are super fun and difficult, so see if you get all of them right. This filter totally lifted my Bolly-mood.

7. Sunday – Cream by @janwee.e

Cream by @janwee.e

This filter is soooo good ‘cuz it gives just the right shade to my picture. Personally, I’m a big fan of peach, brown, and nude colours as they give a natural make-up no-makeup look and that’s why I love this creamy-textured filter so much. I for sure made my Sunday into a fun-day. This filter adds a lovely effect that gives me a subtle yet bright glow instantly. Well, check this one out too.

There you go, I thoroughly enjoyed using these 7 new sets of filters. Now it’s your turn to try and explore these filters. Tell us which one is your fave out of these in the comments below and we’d look for similar filters for next week. Also, hope y’all are staying home and are safe as the times are super uncertain right now.

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