#FilterFriday: 7 Adorable-Yet-Entertaining Instagram Filters That Spiced Up Our Mood This Week

Love bubbles, When we'll get success, Clone dance (Source: Instagram | @candyzack @aashibharadwaj @vr7.tech)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms currently as it has everything from video calling and posting pictures to sharing memes. When everyone is expected to stay at home, a platform like Instagram provides me with my daily dose of entertainment, isn’t it the same for y’all? Instagram, as we all know, provides a variety of creative filters that can be used to click quirky pictures and selfies. So, I’m back with seven amusing filters to spice up your photos and improve your mood. These filters were made with a lot of effort by some incredible creators and have undoubtedly captured my attention. So, let’s get right into the realm of filters.

Here they are…

1. Monday – Love bubbles by @candyzack

Love bubbles by Candyzack

Mondays, in my opinion, set the tone for the rest of the week. I adore how this filter makes my no-makeup, makeup look with these cutesy hearts even better. The bright filter surely lightens my mood up and is the ideal filter to begin my week with!

2. Tuesday – Mistygreen by @vishnurgz

Mistygreen by Vishnurgz

This filter exudes subtlety and beauty in every way. This filter defo should be your go-to during the monsoon season, as the vibe of the filter is such that. The creator has done an excellent job at balancing various tones in a way that they don’t dominate but rather compliment the image.

3. Wednesday – Clone dance by Varun Raikar

Clone dance by Vishnu Raikar

I had a lot of fun taking my photos with this Instagram filter since it provided me with a pretty glowing shadow. Ngl, this is one of my fave as I really like how my photo appears in a different and quirky way. It’s not an ordinary filter but an extraordinary one. It surely gives me the wisdom Wednesday vibes and tbh who wouldn’t enjoy that?

4. Thursday – Kuji cam by Pritesh Chitrode

Kuji cam by Pritesh Chitrode

This filter is fab since it gives my photo the perfect hue. Personally, I adore this creamy-textured filter with a tint of blue. I definitely had a good Thursday using this filter. It provided a wonderful touch that quickly gave me a soft yet brilliant glow. Y’all should totally check this one out.

5. Friday – Zeus by Siddhant

Zeus by Siddhant

Isn’t this the ideal filter for a fun Fri-yay? It displays my mood perfectly and includes a nice little phrase that mentions the mood as well as the day of the week. So, if you’re ready for your Friday night virtual plans, go ahead and try this filter out.

6. Saturday – When I’ll get success by Aashi Bhardwaj

When I'll get success from Aashi Bharadwaj

This wonderful Instagram filter has completely transformed my mood. It’s a fun and interactive filter that displays some hilarious responses to get you in the spirit for a fun Saturday night. It’s a must-try one if you want a fantastic filter as well as a dose of laugh.

7. Sunday – Retro Frame by @aishurreddy

Retro Frame by Aishureddy

This is a great Instagram filter to use if you’re in the mood for something retro. It features a black backdrop with a little window in the centre where you may click your antique portrait, as you can see. When you want to take a photo of yourself that seems vintage or filmy, this is the filter to use.

So, there you have it, a handful of my fave Instagram filters over the past week, all of which I had a lot of fun with. I hope you enjoy these charmingly adorable filters as much as I do. I’ve gone through all of these Instagram filters so many times now that I’ve lost track, haha. I also hope that everyone who is reading this is safe and staying at home.

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