Customs launches digital tax coupon for traders

The Customs Department’s online payment system has been completed and the digital tax compensation system is slated to begin on Sept 21, says director-general Patchara Anuntasilpa.

Under Thai customs law, the department provides a tax return to exporters and importers as a paper coupon they can use for their next payment of import or export custom tax. They must bring the coupon to customs venues for the next tax payment.

The digital tax compensation system provides an electronic coupon traders can use at their convenience.

The department issues paper coupons worth 8 billion baht every year, said Mr Patchara.

Importers and exporters can receive the e-coupons via an online channel from next month.

He said the system should reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission between the public and customs officials.

The department already adopted electronic payment for many of its other processes, including the issuance of import permits for some products.

Customs deploys X-ray and artificial intelligence systems to analyse products in containers to determine if they match the declarations of exporters and importers, said Mr Patchara.

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