Commart projecting brisk business

The Commart 'Crazy Offer' event runs until Sunday at Bitec.
The Commart ‘Crazy Offer’ event runs until Sunday at Bitec.

New computer technology and flourishing demand for devices to support online work and study amid a supply shortage are expected to drive sales at the IT fair Commart throughout this coming weekend, according to IT vendors.

“We believe consumer sentiment has returned following the vaccine rollout, coupled with the government’s financial assistance programmes,” said Pornchai Jantarasupasang, deputy general manager of ARIP, the organiser of Commart.

The four-day IT showcase, which runs until Sunday at Bitec, has a “Crazy Offer” theme.

Mr Pornchai said the fair’s booths were fully booked over one month before the event. Over the past couple of years, booking could still be carried out right up until the day before the fair opened.

He said consumers can be split into two groups. The first group comprises those people who have not been affected by the pandemic. Demand for gaming computers among this group is strong.

The other group comprises people who have been affected by the pandemic and new entrepreneurs. They want computers and accessories meant to support live streaming for their own businesses and online sales, said Mr Pornchai.

The new Commart is expected to generate 3 billion baht in sales — on par with the event held late last year. Notebooks are expected to share 40-50% of sales and assembled computer sets are expected to account for 30% of sales. The remainder will be made up from other devices and smartphone sales, he said.

Some 400,000 visitors are expected to attend the event.

Takon Niyomthai, head of IT business development at SET-listed IT retail chain Com7, said computers have become crucial work tools for people. The supply shortage is expected to drag on until the third quarter, particularly for display monitors, graphics cards and memory cards, he said.

Computer component prices may increase by 2,000-3000 baht due to the shortage.

“Graphics cards are now in high demand for cryptomining, while the launch of new-generation processors from both tech giant Intel and AMD with faster speeds and lighter-weight computers are spurring demand for replacements,” said Mr Takon.

Computers are also in high demand because of online learning and homeworking by students. He said the new generation of thin and light computer notebooks with powerful graphics are gaining momentum, with a price tag of 32,000-40,000 baht.

“Thin and light notebooks suit women, workers and gamers,” said Mr Takon.

Com7 booked extra space at Commart, including Studio7 for Apple products, he said.

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