Brown Line, expressway schemes win MRTA nod

The Brown Line monorail from Khae Rai to Lam Sali, with an accompanying expressway, has been approved by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA).

MRTA Governor Pakapong Sirikantaramas made the announcement after an MRTA board meeting which also discussed the source of funding for the construction of the monorail’s foundations.

The Finance Ministry is responsible for finding appropriate sources of funding, including loans, for the construction, he said.

The Brown Line will be constructed at the same time as the northern section of the expressway running parallel with it by the Expressway Authority of Thailand.

The MRTA will submit the Brown Line project to the Finance Ministry and the cabinet respectively for approval, said the governor.

The Brown Line and expressway projects will hold the bidding process in October to select a concessionaire to construct both projects.

Using the same concessionaire for both projects would help save construction costs and shorten the construction period.

Constructing both simultaneously would also help to reduce traffic problems during the construction period and minimise impacts on the public, the MRTA governor said.

The Khae Rai-Lam Sali Brown Line monorail will be on an elevated track and have a total of 20 stations spanning 22.1 kilometres. It will be above the expressway along Prasert Manukitch Road for 7.2km.

The monorail will cost around 50 billion baht, and the expressway 25 billion baht.

It will be the first monorail in the Prasert Manukitch area, a growing residential zone with few bus routes.

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