Avoid Doing These 7 Things On Social Media If You Wish To Grow Your Page

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Social media and digital platforms are currently one of the most booming industries. So, it goes without saying that each and every creator and brand wishes to make their presence online. However, maintaining and growing your page online is not a walk in the park, it requires dedication, passion, ideation, consistency and so much more. So, if you are feeling stuck with your social media pages and are feeling like they aren’t growing the way they should, you’re probably doing a few things wrong. Here are a few mistakes that people usually commit online, which causes their social media handles to falter. Check them out so you can avoid making the same mistakes and are successfully be able to stand out from the clutter!

Here are some commonly made social media mistakes:

1. Not keeping up with current trends

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Not staying up-to-date with current viral trends is one of the biggest errors that you can make. Time and again different things go viral on the internet. So, if you wish to garner more audience on your platforms, it’s important for you to start jumping on trends in your own unique way.

2. Not following a content calendar

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Posting content randomly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can really confuse your audience. Your followers wouldn’t know what to expect from your page at what time, which in turn can hamper your growth. Always make sure you plan your content well in advance and keep a few of your work banked. While we are all for posting and creating what you’re passionate about but there should be a method to the madness! 😛

3. Not engaging with your audience

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Why would your followers stick around if you don’t stay in touch with them? This is one of the most common mistakes people do while trying to grow their handles. Simple things like replying to comments or acknowledge the efforts taken by your fans can help you in the long run. Focus on growing a loyal fanbase, engage with your audience and make them believe that their opinion is important to you.

4. Not using social media hashtags correctly

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Hashtags can literally make or break your posts. I have seen so many people not pay heed to what hashtags they are using for their content. However, this is a major mistake, make sure you spend some time and research some quality hashtags for your posts. Using the right ones can help you garner more reach.

5. Not collaborating with others in the game

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Social media platforms are a great place to meet interesting new people and grow your network. As a creator, never ignore opportunities to collaborate with other artists. This will not only help you widen your perspective but will also help you gain more credibility and reach.

6. Failing to understand your target audience on social media

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As and how your following on social media platforms starts to grow, it’s important to identify your target audience and create content accordingly. Your content should cater to your followers and should add some kind of value to their lives. Ignoring your target audience can lead to a stagnant social media profile.

7. Not experimenting and analysing enough

Experiment and analyze (Source: Shutterstock)

Your audience is receiving your content well? That’s amazing! However, soon it will get super monotonous for them if you don’t keep on trying new things on your profile. Always be open to trying new ideas and experimenting with what your audience likes. Also, never ignore your insights, they are your best friends! Spend some time analysing your insights, it’ll help you understand your followers in a better manner.

So, these were a few mistakes that you should defo avoid if you wish to grow big on social media platforms. Which point out of these do you think is the most important? Tell us in the comments below. Also, we hope all of you are staying home, staying safe and booking your vaccine slots!

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