ASEAN’s youngest master of facial transformation: Dr. Kanom, Patchanon Asawaworarit

ASEAN’s youngest master of facial transformation: Dr. Kanom, Patchanon Asawaworarit

The medical aesthetic industry is on the rise across the globe, and competition in this fast-growing market—mainly comprising facial surgery, Botox, and Dermal Filler injections, as well as other techniques for facial enhancements—is at an all-time high. Gliding along with the beauty trend is Patchanon Asawaworarit, M.D., known as Dr. Kanom, a dermatologist with a proven record of success in the aesthetic industry.

Internationally acknowledged for her facial transformation expertise, Dr. Kanom received the “Best of Facial Transformation Result” award from well-known and world-class media and has recently become the youngest facial filling substance instructor in ASEAN, leading her practice proven by world-leading facial substance brand globally.

Dr. Kanom’s passion for refining her aesthetic talent shows the number of clients she has and the fact that she often frequents aesthetic courses in different countries globally to elevate different techniques and know-how that she then applies in her own techniques. Even so, her biggest eligible-to-fame is the unique facial transformation based on the “Golden Ratio,” utilising the customised “Facialific” approach to achieve the finest and most natural gorgeous look in their own preference.

She was invited to be a Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery member and earn the right to adopt the famous Advanced Structural Fat Grafting technique in her practice in Thailand. Together with her most interesting innovation to date is the “F-Ray Beauty Compass,” the outstanding technology, which allows her to fulfil the best possible aesthetic adjustment to her clients.

Comprising several innovative edges for aesthetic refinement, the F-Ray Beauty Compass is the only technology on the market now patented to explore the 7-dimension facial analysis applicable to all types of faces. This not only helps to ensure precise adjustment, giving visible before-and-after transformation.

To serve as the biggest contribution to her client’s satisfaction, today, Dr. Kanom continues to elevate to another level of the aesthetic industry and inspire the new evolution of aesthetic practitioners to redefine the new chapter of best practices and solutions.

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