Aditya Chopra Starts A Vaccination Drive For Members Of The Bollywood Film Fraternity

Aditya Chopra; YRF 50 Logo (Source: Twitter | @yrf)

The second wave of Covid-19 has hit India in a very bad manner. To curb the spread of the virus, state governments have imposed a lockdown in several parts of the country. The film industry has suffered because of the lockdown as shoots and film releases have been on hold for the past couple of months. While the health ministry has been encouraging everyone to get vaccinated, filmmaker Aditya Chopra has stepped forward to help members of the Bollywood film fraternity get vaccinated.

The vaccination drive is very important if the film industry has to resume shooting for films. The filmmaker has opened the doors of YRF studios for his vaccination drive that will help around 400 workers in its first phase. Senior Vice President of YRF says, “After inoculating all the employees at YRF, we started vaccinating the crew members of our films and we are now delighted to have started the vaccination drive for the Hindi film industry. This will result in the daily wage earners of our industry returning to work and provide financial stability for themselves and their families.”

Check out the picture below!

The drive will be conducted in phases as they aim at vaccinating at least 3500 to 4000 people overall. Aditya and the team are committed to helping in re-starting the industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic. On that note, hope you all are staying safe at home and taking care of yourselves. Always wear a mask and sanitize your hands regularly.

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