Adhyayan Suman and Sheetal Kale to star in a never-seen-before thriller Entrapped

A least attempted genre. At a sheer concept level, the film thrives because of its ingenuity of thought. In the current OTT landscape, the content & novelty of a film is of utmost importance, which on that count, Entrapped scores big. Suman shared that “Entrapped has been physically, emotionally and psychologically the most tedious film of my life. Everything about it is crazy and beyond. At that point was going through a lot in my personal life and this filming experience turned out to be cathartic. I am counting on entrapped as my come-back vehicle. You will see Adhyayan 2.0 watch out”.

Adhyayan Suman and Sheetal Kale to star in a never-seen-before thriller 'Entrapped' inspired by True Events

Sheetal on her experience said’ To get the best performance we shot all through the night in a specially made car set that was confined and as close to being locked up in the dark for many hours. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. I hope my efforts and passion reflect on screen and the audience appreciates my performance.

The film is written & directed by Sameer Joshi, on his part, told us, “It is an attempt to tell a thrilling story in a confined space with elements of drama. It is just as much an emotional journey as much as it is an on the edge of the seat thriller. I am proud of my team and especially the actors who endured the grilling process in bringing my vision to the celluloid.”Creative Producer Pawan Sharma said’ ‘Entrapped is a high concept thriller with a universal appeal. It was not an easy film, but the team smartly put together a brilliant story and shot it successfully with a strong team.

In a joint statement, the producers Giovanni Karl Vaz and Nisha Karla Vaz said, “A couple gets stuck in a car trunk while fooling around in the heat of a romantic rendezvous. What begins as fun and a game turns into a life or death situation. What appealed to us was the premise and the unique way the director wanted to tell the story. Also, such a film has never been made in India. We are hopeful that this will set a precedent.” The film that was wrapped in a schedule of 40 days went through a few months of grueling edit to ensure its crisp roller coaster ride for the audience. Entrapped is Produced & Presented by NKV Karma Productions Pvt Ltd.

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