8 Viral Trends In The Month Of July That Filled Our Feed With Entertainment & Humor

Masoom Minawala, Diipa Khosla, Awez Darbar, Sanket Mehta, Unnati Malharkar (Source: Instagram | @diipakhosla @awez_darbar @unnati_m)

Instagram as a platform is growing at a rapid speed every single day with new features coming in every month. Just like the new features, there are new weekly trends as well and we love how creative users can get with their content. Each trend gets viral on the ‘gram like wildfire. This is ‘cuz Instagram pushes such #ViralTrends which helps the creators at achieving more reach. And this happens especially when there is a unique twist to these trends. So, let me show you the trends that went viral in the month of July which defo made the trend game stronger.

Let’s get you Trendy…

1. Listen To Me

#ListenToMe is one of the latest trends that has globally gotten famous too and everyone seems to be keen on trying this trend out. This trend gets really quirky when creators create their own unique versions of it. In this trend, you have to act as if there’s a glitch to the Reel. However, there isn’t any glitch but just body movements. You have to match each movement to the right beat and then you can call yourself a TrendMaster, hehe! Adnan Shaikh was among the first few creators who hopped on this trend and isn’t he just amazing!

2. Westside Killa

It’s been quite a few weeks since this trend became famous but I still see many Instagrammers trying out this trend. This audio by habituetoi became viral within a span of 2 days ‘cuz it’s quite a savage one with super easy hand gestures. This trend would defo make you hit that swagger note. Ahsaas jumped on this trend just like everyone else and gave it such a cute ending. Don’t forget to check out our version of this trend as well.

3. Bills, Bills, Bills

First of all, this song is super catchy and perfectly matches the vibe of this trend. It’s quite savage and I love how the creators have given their own twist to this one. This one in particular is about going all out and creative with your content while grooving to the beats. This Reel by Krutika a.k.a. themermaidscales is so on-point that I can’t even, ‘cuz food comes first, amirite?

4. Letter Trend

Let me inform you, there were two versions of this trend. One in the format of a Reel and one in the form of a static post. Check out the static one right here. This trend is super interesting and entertaining to watch as it gave me so many fun facts about creators. Basically, in this trend, you have to choose any one letter from your name (preferably the first one) and give it a quirky meaning. I love how Ashi and Manav have played along with this trend in a super engaging way.

5. 0.3x Speed

Firstly, go put on yourself a cute outfit, JK! This trend makes you feel like you’re walking on a fashion ramp, which is quite cool and dreamy. The trend starts off with a voiceover of a lady motivating you to get dressed, put on a smile while looking your best, and then cut to the glam catwalk. OMG, Masoom Minawala Mehta and Diipa Buller-Khosla look like real ‘Kweens‘ in this Reel. FYI, both of them walked at the Cannes Film Festival as well.

6. Bachpan Ka Pyar

Who remembers their childhood memories and the things you loved? I certainly remember it all. Let me tell you, this remix was made by the super talented video creator Dipraj Jadhav and Instagram cannot get enough of it. It’s mainly the viral audio which the creators have added their own quirky twists to by showing their own understanding of ‘bachpan ka pyar’. BFFs, Ruhee Dosani and Niharika NM were seen missing their fave eatables when they were young and I can totally relate to this Reel. And their super goofy dance moves make them quite distinct from the others… nice one guys!

7. Dinero

This dance challenge had surely made me tap my feet every time I heard this audio by Trinidad Cardona. In this dance trend, all you have to do is, groove to this amazing tune and you’re sorted. This dance choreography was curated by the super talented International creator Regina Eigbe and we cannot help but follow her footsteps, literally! These fab dancers, Unnati Malharkar and Sanket Mehta have gracefully aced this trend like absolute pros. If you haven’t tried this trend out, it’s high time you do!

8. Hello my name is…

If you don’t know this trend, you are surely living under a rock! This one is yet another quirky trend that might make you feel a lil’ cute and goofy about yourself. This super fun trend is all about using the ‘Magnified Eyes‘ to get a zoomed-in version of your eyes. After which, you could make weird-looking faces with those huge eyeballs, hahaha. Awez Darbar is the king of jumping on latest trends and he defo couldn’t miss this one out as well, right?

There you go, these are all the major trends that went viral in the month of July and they were super entertaining and surely fun to watch. Now since I’ve updated the list of trends for you, how about you try a few of them out right away! Also, which trend out from this list is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below. On a side note, make sure you are staying home and safe.

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