7 Reasons Why Clubhouse, The Invite-Only App, Is Gaining Popularity Among Creators & Millennials

Clubhouse (Source: Instagram | @clubhouse)

First of all, I think Clubhouse is such a fancy name for conversations. I also think for a couple of days Clubhouse is going to be the new Instagram, hahaha, don’t y’all think so too? Literally, for the past 1 week, I have been hooked on Clubhouse like gluestick, lol. For the people who don’t know what Clubhouse is, this is the article for you to get to know the app better. Clubhouse allows you to listen to other people’s live conversations as well as the host can allow the listeners to join the chat to give their opinion on a particular topic. So, here are a few of the many reasons why Clubhouse is gaining popularity among millennials.

Reasons for its popularity…

1. It’s an Invite-Only App

An invite-only app (Source: Pinterest)

To log into Clubhouse every new user has to invited by an already existing member of the Clubhouse family. Every time a new user signs up, a notification is sent to all of their contacts asking if they want to welcome the new user. Once an already existing user gives access to form a new account and invites the new user, it is mentioned that this person has nominated you to join the Clubhouse and I feel that’s a really cool feature. It helps in the authentification of the user and verification of their identity as well.

2. Various topics of discussion and upcoming events

Various topics of discussion (Source: Clubhouse App)

Immediately as you open the app, the feed would be filled with various topics of discussion that you could be a part of according to your taste and preference. Each topic of discussion is called a room. A few topics that I came across lately were all about movies, meditation, social media, content creation, and I’m obsessed with these rooms. It also shows you which of your friends are in which room and you could probably join the same discussion as well. All rooms don’t need to be a discussion, it could also be fun, music, and games. Also, the bell icon helps you know which events are scheduled so that you could be a part of them.

3. About the rooms

About the rooms (Source: Clubhouse App)

One can enter the room just by clicking on the topic of interest and also leave the room without disturbing the other participants by tapping the ‘leave quietly’ option. There is also an option to raise your hand, which helps the moderator or the host know that you have something to speak and if they want, they can let you in as a speaker. You can also add your friends from your followers’ list to the same room as yours if the topic is super interesting and engaging. Not to forget, you can even follow various people in the room by just tapping on their names.

4. It’s an Audio-only app

Audio-Only App (Source: Shutterstock)

Yes, just how Podcasts are audio-only, Clubhouse is an audio-only app as well. The only difference between the two is that Clubhouse is interactive whereas a Podcast is not. It is a great way to interact with hundreds of people and get inspired by just hearing their voices. It helps in building your confidence while keeping the shyness at bay. This has personally helped me a lot in speaking my mind in a confident as well as respectable manner.

5. Networking and connecting with the audience

Networking and engaging (Source: Shutterstock)

This is one of the main reasons people download Clubhouse, to connect with their audience. This is the best app for people who want to brush up their general knowledge, get their daily dose of motivation, engage with the audience, know different perceptive on various issues, and have some fun sessions with our immediate friends. This will help open up your mind to different perspectives and give lots of meaningful insights.

6. At your own convenience

Hear it at your own convenience (Source: Shutterstock)

This is one of the reasons why I love the app, it is so convenient and easy to use. As it’s an audio-only app there is no need to dress up or prepare for a prompt speech. It is an impromptu way of communication and one can comfortably speak whilst working as well. As mentioned earlier, if you have important work, you could even leave the room without disturbing anyone. As a matter of fact, you can even minimize the screen and do your other work from your phone, you can shift apps too while listening to the conversation.

7. Andriod version launched after virality of iPhone version

Available for all users (Source: Instagram | @clubhouse)

Initially, the developers’ wanted to scale up the app slowly. So, Clubhouse was only introduced for IOS users. However, looking at the popularity of the app the management thought of adding it to the google play store as well. As reports say, there are more Andriod users than IOS worldwide, this would mean an increase in their growth. Not to lie, it was beneficial for us as users as well.

Hope these reasons helped you get to know the app better. I personally feel this app is launched at the right time since we cannot step out of our homes due to the ongoing pandemic. It makes you feel less alone and gives you a nice inclusive feeling. Also, hope you guys are safe and staying home, and please get yourself vaccinated at the earliest.

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