7 Places To Buy Scrunchies From Because You Can Never Have Too Many

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Ever since this pandemic hit, I’ve spent the least amount of time fussing over my appearance. As a result of that, you’ll normally find me walking around my house in PJ’s or an airy nightgown. Now if you’ve ever spent the day cooking or cleaning you know the kind of sweat build up I’m talking about. So you’re obviously going to lean towards those comfy clothes. Not forgetting to mention that I have to constantly have my hair up in a bun. I have a bunhead thanks to the pandemic. Mean Girls had us believing that scrunchies are bad but come on I couldn’t stand to have my hair in my face. So I turn to my trusty scrunchie to keep me sweat-free and stress-free.

It also helps when you put your long hair in a bun before bed. It helps keep it knot-free and allows you to sleep peacefully too. Apart from having a practical need for this item, it also makes for an interesting hair accessory. It’s simple, it does the trick and serves the purpose and looks hella cute too. Get them in different fabrics, colours, prints and go crazy dressing your bun up while you stay home. If you love a good DIY, then a scrunchie is easy to make at home too with an old t-shirt or leftover fabrics. And if you simply prefer to buy yours then I’m listing out a few places selling them below. Get as many as you like because somehow you always manage to lose them over time. It’s almost like they find the Bermuda triangle in our houses.

Here’s a list of places you can buy your scrunchie from:

1) Nor Black Nor White

2) Scrunchies by Sakshi

3) GoGo-Scrunchies

4) Little Scrunchies

5) Vaiga

6) Scrunchies Treasure

7) Mesmerize

Where do you normally buy your scrunchie from? Let me know in the comments below.

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