6 Reasons Why Kritika And Deeksha Are The Bebo and Lolo Of The Creator World

Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deeksha and Kritika Khurana (Source: Instagram)

Having a sibling is like having a best friend right? They’re always there for you when you need them and also, when you don’t them. It’s like the unsaid rule but a golden one. On the ocassion of siblings day, we’re celebrating this special bond. In Bollywood, we have one sister sibling duo who are literally the ultimate sister squad, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Right from sharing adorable ‘fam jam’ pics together to slaying it with their on-point fashion looks, their amazing bond makes them quite a powerful pair. In the creator world, we have one such sibling duo that absolutely reminds us of Lolo and Bebo. And that hands down is Kritika and Deeksha Khurana. Why, you ask? Scroll away to find out…

Here’s why we think Kritika and Deeksha are literally Lolo and Bebo

1. Nostalgia is their fave emotion

Source: Instagram

Out of the very many posts and videos that Kritika and Deeksha as well as Kareena and Karisma upload, a sister love post can be spotted often. And a nostalgia post, can be seen too. We love these throwback photos of both the siblings, they look so adorable like absolute lil’ munchkins!

2. They are cute and goofy together

Source: Instagram

If you can’t be adorable and goofy with your sis, then is she even your sis? Both siblings, Kritika-Deeksha and Lolo-Bebo, share a great bond with many layers. The cute goofiness is definitely one of the many.

3. Indian fashion on-fleek!

Source: Instagram

Both the sibling duos have an impeccable fashion sense, and when it comes to Indian fashion they know they’re making a grand entry wherever they go. And that they will surely make heads turn, amirite?

4. Fam-Jam pics

Source: Instagram

These siblings love spending time with the fam and love getting clicked with them too. And, we absolutely love it when both the siblings share photos with their entire family.

5. Pout kinda mood

Source: Instagram

As much as these siblings love smiling, they love pouting too. And tbh, they totally own the statement, ‘Pout Kinda Mood’, don’t you think?

6. Girl-gang

Source: Instagram

These siblings have an enviable girl gang. So, the great bond that they share kind of echoes in the group too. Can you feel that vibe? ‘cuz I surely can.

So, these were some similarities that made us immediately take notice of the fact that these siblings are so much alike. We love the four of them individually and together as sisters even more. Do you have a sibling that you share an amazing bond with, so much so, together y’all can easily take over the world. If yeah, tell us about them in the comments below. And if you think that Kritika and Deeksha are exactly like Karisma and Kareena too, let us know about that too in the comments. Wishing everyone a very happy siblings day!

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