5 Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Privacy On Social Media Platforms

Privacy on social media platforms (Source: Shutterstock)

Today, social media platforms play an important role in our lives. The line between real and virtual is blurring by the day and we are moving towards an entirely digital world. While social media platforms have their own set of perks, it also comes with a threat to our privacy and personal details. Today, most social media giants are going out of their way to make sure that their users can maintain their privacy online. However, if we aren’t careful enough an information slip-up is quite possible and the consequences can be dangerous. So, here are 5 simple things that you can do to make sure your no unwanted companies or people take advantage of your personal information.

Check these tips out:

1. Spend some time fixing your privacy settings

Spend some time fixing your privacy settings (Source: Shutterstock)

Well, this one is kinda a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised as to how much of a difference it can make. Most of the social media platforms we use have strict privacy settings, we only need to spend some understanding them and changing them basis our preference. This will help you understand what information of yours is being shared publically. So, spend some time understanding the privacy features of any platform and change them basis your choice.

2. It’s safer to only connect with people you know

media It's safer to only connect with people you know (Source: Shutterstock)

While we know that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are greatly used to make new friends and build a large fan base. It is always significantly safer to think twice before adding someone as your ‘friend’ on social media platforms. This small step will help you avoid catfish situations.

3. Create strong password combinations

Create strong password combinations (Source: Shutterstock)

This is something all of us tend to avoid because it gets too taxing to remember difficult passwords, doesn’t it? However, a strong password combination will reduce the chances of your account being hacked. So, make sure you use a healthy mix of letters, symbols, numbers and special characters in your password. Also, avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. If you feel like you’ll forget your password, then just write them somewhere! 😛

4. Be aware of suspicious links

media Be aware of suspicious links (Source: Shutterstock)

On social media platforms, it’s quite common to come across website links and random ads. Be careful while clicking on those because you may never know what that link or website consists of. Suspicious links can potentially lead to hacking, breach of information, virus threat and much more. Always check the link address before clicking it!

5. Stay updated with the latest social media scams that are going around

Stay updated with the latest social media scams that are going around (Source: Shutterstock)

Better safe than sorry, right? New scams and hacking methods crop up every single day that in turn affect thousands of users. In order to maintain your privacy and keep your account safe, it’s best to stay updated with news related to online privacy breaches.

So, here are 5 simple steps that can help you maintain your privacy online and make sure you have a stress-free social media experience. Our future is digital and while social media giants are doing everything they can to protect your privacy, and an added effort from the user’s end can make all the difference. Also, we hope all of you are staying home and staying safe during these uncertain times.

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