5 Reels That Prove Awez Darbar Is The Ultimate Prank Master

Awez Darbar (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar)

I always believe Instagram is the perfect place to be for every mood, don’t you agree? Just like shopping, there is always room for more new stuff here, hehe. Instagram’s Reel feature is everyone’s fave and is quite addictive too. New creators emerge on social media platforms almost every day and they kinda catch my eye with their unique content, breaking the clutter and standing out from the crowd. Today, I’m featuring one such creator whose dance will make you groove, comedy will make you scream relatable and pranks will make you go ROFLing. Yes, that’s right it’s none other than Awez Darbar. His versatile content is interesting, hilarious and relatable, all at the same time. So, scroll down to check out some super funny Reels by Awez that 100% proves he’s the ultimate prank master.

Here they are:

1. Firework prank

Awez Darbar is known for his hilarious pranks with his pals, in addition to being a fantastic dancer. We particularly enjoy it when he plays hilarious pranks on his sister, Anam Darbar. When this brother-sister combo creates content together, they actually double the fun. I’m too gonna try this prank on my brother just for gags and will defo capture his expressions, hehe!

2. Pie-Pie face

Awez is a creator who enjoys pranking everyone around him, and he has pranked Nagma Mirajkar not only once but twice in this Reel. I feel awful for Nagma and all I can feel for her is ‘aww’. Well, this certainly was a start of a prank war, and I’m going to join it, although virtually. Isn’t #Nawez super cute and goals?

3. P-oops! prank

Awez has a knack for pulling off pranks! We’re already fans of his swaggering dancing routines, but you’re going to be surprised when you see his pranking ability. With this not-so-gross prank, he not only tricked #AtranzSquad but also made all of his followers, including me, go ROFLing. I’d demand a sequel of this prank on other members of team #Atrangz because, well, why not, amirite?

4. Prank trend alert!

I mean, if #Anwez isn’t sibling goals then who is, amirite? Awez has been caught pranking Anam again. However, this time there is a twist. Looks like Awez is the first one to always jump on #ViralTrends, but this combination of Prank trend is something I’ve never seen before. He’s defo has created funny videos for every occasion, and the best part about his content is that he never fails to entertain his admirers. Well, here’s a virtual standing ovation just for you, Awez!

5. Struggles

Hehe, karma is definitely keeping an eye on everyone. Is it true that an unsuccessful prank counts as a prank on oneself? If not, then it should. I’ll remember this Reel for the rest of my life since it’s not often that we get to watch Awez fail his trick. There is, after all, a first time for everything. The more I watch this Reels, the funnier it gets, right?

The end result of these successful and entertaining pranks proves Awez Darbar is a pro in pranking. His content is so unique and relatable that we can’t get enough of it and can’t wait to see more of his videos. Which park from the list would you like to try? Tell us, in the comments below. Also, be safe, happy, and take care of yourself and your dear ones.

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