5 Hilarious Reels By Silky Sedoso That Made Us Miss The Wedding Season

Silky Sedoso (Source: Instagram | @sedoso_)

Every content creator has a unique taste when it comes to creating content for social media. Therefore, these creators have the ability to fulfill all your entertainment needs in one go. Silky Sedoso a.k.a Sedoso is one such popular German-based content creator who gives us exactly that! If we scroll through her Instagram page, there will be posts, videos and Reels which I guarantee will hilariously remind you of #WeddingsAreFun…! So, get Shaadi ready as we are going to attend some hilarious virtual wedding moments with Silky’s content right now!

Here they are:

1. When will they open the food counter?

Silky is an amazing creator whose content is 100% relatable, isn’t it? We cannot agree more on how apt this Reel is. It’s probably the most real version of food and weddings. LOL! Honestly, after watching her Reel we could not stop craving for Gol Gappe and Kulfi. Yummy, our mouth has started watering again.

2. Ladki Wale vs Ladke Wale

Are you missing dancing at the weddings? For those of you who’ve attended many Indian weddings, you will know that the ‘Sangeet‘ function is the most competitive one! Well, if you are that cousin who is a trained dancer, nothing like it! Weddings are the perfect time for you to grab attention and show-off some leadership skills and of course your moves. Brb, need to give my team this pep-talk now!

3. Different types of Bride. Which one are you?

We come across different types of brides at different weddings, amirite? From shy to emotional to the selfie queen the list goes on and on! We can’t stop watching this video because it’s too adorable and hilarious. Moreover, it’s super relatable, so out of all these bride types which one are you?

4. Meeting relatives

It’s no secret, but we end up meeting many relatives at weddings, isn’t it? Billo Aunty in this Reel is giving us ‘all eyes on us at a wedding’ vibe and we can totally relate to this hilarious situation. It’s true that Billo Aunty’s character always leave us in a fit of giggles!

5. Emotions at it’s peak

Lastly, no matter what but weddings are emotional! This Reel is quite hilarious yet true as we often see parents of the bride get super emotional and dramatic. Well, Silky is defo doing justice to these special wedding moments through her content and we love them all. Tbh, we feel like attending a wedding super soon.

So there you go guys, I am sure by now you all are missing the wedding season! Weddings are indeed super fun to attend, and we loved how these Reels by Silky reminded us of these cute moments with her own fun twist. I could not stop ROFLing over them and looking forward to more of Silky’s hilarious wedding videos and Reels, are you guys too? Which one out of the list above could you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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