5 Bat-Wing Eyeliner Looks To Try If You Have Hooded Eyes

Whether you’re a newbie to makeup or a professional MUA, learning how to nail the wing tip eyeliner is a crucial skill we all first conquer. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy as it looks every time. You eventually get there with some practise but it’s especially tricky when you’ve got hooded eyes. Before you know it your cat eye isn’t quite working and ends up getting smudged all over. This is where the bat-wing liner technique comes in handy! And no it’s not a trend you do for Halloween by drawing the eerie animal by your eye. This makeup hack of applying your liner actually helps capture that winged-out cat-eye that addresses your crease shape.

Since celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shared this genius winged eyeliner trick we’ve never been the same. The key here is to apply your eyeliner with your eyes open to create this unique shape and wing. The magic being, when your eye is open your liner looks like any other cat-eye. However, when it’s closed it has an unexpected swooped design making it two looks in one. Pretty cool amirite? Plus it looks fantastic whether you’ve got hooded eyes or not. Ready to give it a shot? Then scroll below to check out a few of our favourite takes on this liner style and try them out for yourself.

Keep reading to check out our favourite bat-wing eyeliner looks:

1. The classic

Once this look hit TikTok it went pretty viral too. Cue in point Jenny Stubb’s refresher tutorial n of the OG bat-wing look that got a ton of views. Breaking it down into 3 simple steps she shows us how it’s done. All you need is a steady hand while you look straight into the mirror and you’ll be nailing it in no time.

2. With a cut crease

 A great bat-wing eyeliner looks great by itself but it’s even better when you’ve got a shaded lid going on. Pair your newfound wings with a cut crease look to amp up your whole look.

3. Faded wings

Depending on the shape of your eye you don’t always have to trace a dramatic wing. You can always go for some subtler that fades into the skin for a soft glam look. This time instead of your liquid eyeliner traces the shape with your powder shadow.

4. Graphic lines

Everyone’s loving a good graphic moment so pump up the jam by going all out with your liner look. Go from the original 60s vibe of the bat-wings to trendy e-girl in just a minute with sharper lines.

5. Icy tones

From the pro herself, this icy look is absolutely ethereal. Silver and periwinkle lavender lids paired with a navy blue bat-wing makes for a can’t ignore makeup moment.

Have you tried the Bat-Wing liner technique before? Let us know in the comments below.

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