3 Amazing Glitter Primers For All Your Sparkly Looks

If you have any experience with glittery or sparkly eyeshadows and pigments you know that they are the worst culprits when it comes to fallout. While we love ourselves a fun glitter look, the problem is that it gets everywhere. Forget leaving the house with it! Before you know it your entire face looks like a disco ball. It’s in your eyebrows. It’s on your cheeks and looks like a glitter bomb exploded. So what’s a girl to do if you love some glimmer on your eyelids. Just give up? Well heck no! We’ve got you covered. In this case, a normal eyeshadow primer won’t do. So we’ve rounded up the best glitter primers and glues available right now. These primers will keep the glitter on your eyelid and only your lid all day and night long.

Keep scrolling for the best glitter glues you can buy:

1. NYX, Glitter Primer

A fantastic affordable option, this primer comes in a tube with a pointed dispenser that provides just the right amount of primer you need making it easy to use. It glides easily on the skin with just the right amount of tackiness for the glitter to stick on to without feeling heavy. Once this is on you have just enough time to work your shadow before it sets and you’re ready for your day or night out.

NYX, Glitter Primer (source: www.nyxcosmetics.com)

2. Too Faced, Glitter Glue Eye Shadow Primer

This primer doesn’t just help your glitter eyeshadows or loose glitter show up. It works wonders with normal shadows too! A cult-favourite, this glitter glue works best at targetting spots on your lid rather than all over. You can easily place it on top of your other shadows without disturbing the products underneath. The translucent formula is undetectable with an incredibly tacky texture of which you only need the tiniest of dabs. Then tap on your sparkly shadow to finish things off!

Too Faced, Glitter Glue Eye Shadow Primer (source: www.toofaced.com)

3. Makeup Revolution, Glitter Glue

A creamy consistency that dries down matte, this glue secures loose or pressed glitter to the skin all night long. Comfortable to wear on the lid, once sets it doesn’t move at all unless you wash it off. This formula also works great if you mix a little bit of it with a glitter shadow to crease a dense eyeliner. Say hello to your new glitter BFF that will have you sparkling all day long.

Makeup Revolution, Glitter Glue (source: www.revolutionbeauty.com)

Have you tried any of these primers out before? Let me know in the comments below.

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