10 Must Watch Beauty Hacks & Tips From My Favourite Bloggers

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Can you imagine a world without your favourite bloggers? The day I discovered blogs was a blessing. As a young beauty enthusiast, I would consume any and all kinds of tips and advice across the board. Eventually progressing to Youtube tutorials and now Instagram and Tiktok videos we all know and love, we’re spoilt for choice. Let’s admit it whether it’s the weekend or not we love nothing more than checking out what our favourite influencers are up to. I mean what would your day be like you didn’t heart those posts on Instagram.

The beauty community across these platforms are a treasure trove of at-home hacks to genius tutorials. However, with the endless topics and the number of beauty influencers growing on a daily, there are always the few trusted ones we keep going back to for our fix of beauty content again and again. Because it’s rude not to share, in celebration of today’s bloggers day I thought I’d share some noteworthy beauty hacks and tips from my favourite bloggers. So whether you’re a makeup newbie or beauty professional, these hacks are worth a watch!

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1. How To Get a JLo Glow

Personally, I love Tati Westbrook’s makeup tips and have always found them immensely helpful. But things really went up a notch when Jennifer Lopez‘s makeup artist Scott Barnes visited her channel. Here he revealed his secret to the JLo glow that had us all shocked. Believe it or not, the magic formula was a spray-on sunscreen. Namely the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray. Demonstrating on Tati’s chest and shoulders for an iconic sheen, my jaw dropped to the floor. Getting that coveted glow really has been that easy this whole time.

2. Correcting Eyeshadow Mistakes

Certified makeup artist and blogger Wayne Goss has this amazing way of breaking down the wonderful world of makeup into bits and bites that you can actually understand, and constantly sharing the best-kept secrets of makeup artists. This simple trick makes correcting your eyeshadow mistakes so easy. All you need is a makeup remover wipe angled at the outside edge and swoop. You’ve cleaned up and lifted your eye all at the same time.

3. Makeup Tips For Glasses

Blogging since 2011, corallistablog is run by Anikta Chaturvedi. Always on the ready with insights on to the current and trending beauty products, her reviews are extremely useful. Plus she’s all about easy, practical, everyday makeup looks. Case in point these simple but super-useful tips to look your best when wearing glasses.

4. Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

If you struggle with uneven, folded eyelids or hooded eyes this hack going to change your life. When I came across this video from celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes I was mindblown. Chock-full of helpful advice on how to work with different kinds of eyeliner, the key tip here is how to connect your eyeliner which ends up looking like a batwing. With your eyes closed, it looks like a cool graphic liner but looks totally normal with your eyes open! Say goodbye to creasing and even liner looks.

5. Get An Instant Facelift With Concealer

Simple yet effective this tutorial from Megha Singh first went viral on TikTok where she showed us how we’ve been doing our concealer wrong all this time. Rather than fanning across the concealer under the eye in a triangle shape, the easiest way to achieve definition is by the placement of directed lines to draw the eye upwards.

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6. Q-Tip Lipstick Hack

When I first heard about this hack I never really tried it because it just seemed so silly and not worth the effort. But recently this trick that involves using a Q-tip to get clean lip edges has been making the rounds again, so I finally gave it shot and with great success! The original clip comes from none other than Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty fame and the video of her trying it on her sister Mona Kattan. You can always trust Huda to try the latest trends and viral hacks on her channel and socials.

7. Everyday Makeup You Can Use Better

Eyeshadow, Brow gel and Blending brushes are just some products we use daily. MUA Robert Welsh shares a handful of really useful and easy to follow tips on how to get the most out of your products!

8. Curry-Stained Nails

Jovita George has been posting beauty, fashion, and travel content on YouTube for perhaps the longest time. She deserves more recognition because apart from her brilliant reviews she’s also not afraid to call out the deeply entrenched colourist attitudes of Indian beauty brands. I’m sure a lot of us know the pain of ruining a good manicure from stained nails while cooking or eating. What’s worse is that a gel polish manicure is hella expensive and no one wants their cute summer colours stained with curry! This simple yet effective hack Jovita shared is here to solve all your woes. All you need is an acetone-free nail polish remover.

9. The correct way to exfoliate

If you’re a skincare fanatic you might have heard about Hyram Yarbro better known as skincare by Hyram on Instagram and Tiktok. Well known for giving some of the best skincare advice and breaking down essential facts, he’s the one many constantly go to for advice, tips and tricks. One of the most useful videos I find is his Skin Care 101 series. It has all you need to know on various topics from how-tos to product reviews and everything in-between. This particular video honestly breaks down important tips on exfoliation and caring for your skin that I highly recommend for everyone to watch. 

10. Fuller Looking Lips

How can we talk about anything related to beauty and not mention model-turned-influencer Malvika Sitlani Aryan? If you are looking for a super-glam look for a birthday or a wedding makeup you just have to check out her easy to follow tutorials. While every lip size is beautiful sometimes you just want to add that extra oomph to your pout. This particularly handy hack is one even newbies can pull of with ease. With this technique, you’ll be acing the fuller lips look in no time.

Did find any of these hacks and tips useful? Let me know your favourite blogger in the comments below.

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