10 Indian Chai-Time Biscuits That Take Us Back To Our Childhood

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Is there anything more sacred than the act of taking a peaceful chai-time break? If you’re Indian then chances are you agree with me and if you aren’t a tea drinker then all hell breaks loose. So do yourself a favour and tell no one if you hate chai, cause you’re going to get some major flak for it. But a major accompaniment that must be enjoyed with a nice warm cup of chai is—biscuits. We packed our childhood with many delicious chai-time treats and if you eat those goodies today, I bet one is instantly transported to those enjoyable moments with their friends and family.

Every time I sink my teeth into a biscuit I go back to peering through the window and sipping my elaichi tea, dipping my Parle-G and feeling immense peace. I always enjoyed a hot cup of tea during the rains, there was just something so magical about that experience. My problems seemed so small back then, actually, I was pretty worry-free back then. But a good cup of tea and biscuits fixed everything. Truth is it still does, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, I decided to put together a list of biscuits that always make me immensely nostalgic.

Here’s a list of 10 chai-time biscuits that immediately make us feel nostalgic:

1) Marie Biscuit

A classic biscuit and perfect as the base of any cheesecake.

2) Milk Bikis

Ooof, the creamy inside of the biscuit makes that chai is all the more enjoyable.

3) Nice

The best sugar-coated, coconut biscuit.

4) Bourbon

The chocolatiest biscuit of all time that we can’t stop eating once the pack has opened.

5) Good Day

These buttery and flaky biscuits are perfect for chai.

6) Parle G

A biscuit that we all fed to stray dogs but also ate with that very joy and happiness.

7) Monaco

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This good old salty biscuit tastes amazing with a cheese spread.

8) Tiger

This glucose biscuit is a national treasure.

9) Krack Jack

The perfect blend of sweet and salty, this biscuit amplifies the taste of chai.

10) Jim Jam

Who doesn’t like a gooey biscuit centre and what’s better than strawberry jam?

What are your favourite chai time biscuits? Let me know in the comments below.

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